Whether a half day de-stress session, a full day corporate event, or regular in office massage, we like to keep things simple and enjoyable for you and your employees. Our company massage service allows you complete freedom to choose your package and complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we put your satisfaction at the front of what we do.

At the beginning of each massage slot the therapist will read through a screening form that has been completed by the client, this screening form will be supplied in advance of the appointment date to save time on the day but will be signed by the client at the beginning of their massage slot. By signing this form the client agrees to receive the massage and declares that all information given on the form is accurate. This ensures the safety of on-site massage as the therapist can tailor the massage to the particular needs of the client.

All we need is a quiet space such as an empty office to carry out the massage

A massage in the office is simple but effective, it meets the demands of the modern workplace and is a well-researched methodology proven to reduce stress, release tension and re energise. If you want to kick start your wellness strategy then the good news is with work massage you don’t need a big budget to get results. 

Office Massage

Why a company office massage could work for you?

An onsite chair massage can provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience 
for your staff in many ways including:

Relief from aching muscles
Soothing nerves & boosting morale
Increased mental clarity
Heightened productivity
Reduction of Stress and Tension

We come to you at your office, so saving time and making it easier for staff to access the service. During all our office chair massage the member of staff is positioned fully clothed and comfortably seated in the specially designed massage chair.

Chair massages are un-intrusive, no oil or cream is used during the session. In just 10 – 15 minutes your member of staff can experience complete relaxation through the release of retained stress and tension. All staff finish their session feeling reenergised so they can return to work immediately. Chair massage can provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for your staff.
Benefits of On Site Massage

Promotes Health Awareness
Helps to Reduce RSI
Relaxes your muscles,
Reduces tension
Alleviates symptoms of stress,
such as headaches and eyestrain
Leaves you feeling
relaxed, revitalised and energised

What length of treatment
Number of people to be treated
denotes a compulsory field.
Number of hours requiredNumber of 15 minute sessionsCost per 15 minute sessionCost of visit per practitioner

Cost Example

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