Swedish massage uses movements to warm the muscles and work deep into the tissues to relieve tension and pain. This deeply relaxing massage can help with the build up of tension caused by sport, driving, being sat at a desk or computer for long periods of time or the general build up of stress from daily life.

The petrissage techniques used in Swedish massage manipulates the tissues and stimulates the blood circulation, releasing built up toxins stored in the tense muscles. The waste is then carried away by the lymphatic system leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and stimulated with a renewed sense of energy.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Relieves tension and stiffness in muscles 
reducing pain 
Reduces muscle fatigue 
Increases flexability of muscles 
Increases circulation and lowers blood pressure 
Helps remove toxins from body 
Promotes better digestion 
Releases endorphins 
Relaxes the body and mind
Please note:  Attention to patient comfort and modesty is paid at all times - you will only be asked to remove clothing where necessary and once treatment starts towels are used to cover areas not being treated.  We make every effort to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed.  
Sports Therapists do not conduct examinations of any intimate areas of the body.
Before a Massage a full assessment must take place, the reasons for this assessment are

To understand your medical history
To understand your lifestyle, work and how these may be affecting your body
To diagnose any problems you may have
To make sure you have no contraindications that may prevent immediate treatment
To ensure any treatment given will not exacerbate other conditions you may have


  • 30 mins treatment      £30.00
  • 45 mins treatment      £35.00
  • 60 mins treatment      £40.00
  • 75 Full Body, Face & Head £45.00
  • Discounts available on block bookings of six or more sessions
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